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Urine Therapy

(This knowledge is derived from my own experiences and research done over twenty years practicing the ancient way of naturally healing the body with one’s own perfect personalised medicine: urine. It’s called URINE THERAPY.)

Urine is considered „aged“ (as in more powerful) after 4 days of ‘incubation’ (according to John Armstrong, author of the book “THE WATER OF LIFE” – A TREATISE ON URINE THERAPY.

Urine contains STEM CELLS and they multiply by the millions when simply left in urine to incubate for days, weeks, months or more time.

I just let my urine sit at room temp. (any place indoors or outdoors) in an open container, covered with only a piece of cloth, so the urine can „breathe“. This is important. There is a special alchemical reaction happening, when urine gets in contact with air/oxygen. Should be kept open for at least a couple months I would say…. longer is better, but watch out that it doesn’t get all evaporated. 😉

Just cover tightly with a piece of fabric or paper filter, so that no insects can get in. Little fruit flies love to lay their eggs in urine, because they know it’s the most perfect incubating substance (amniotic fluid) to allow new life to be formed. And in case you see little white worms floating in your urine (they don’t dive deep, they stay on top), then don’t worry, you can still use that urine. Just scoop them out or filter the urine though a fine strainer. Same if you see some mould forming on top. This can also happen, if there is dust getting into the urine containers or if there are certain pathogens in your blood. But no worries here either. The aged urine is perfectly fine for use. It’s still a very potent remedy and it will not harm you in any way. 🙂

I place my fresh urine in mason jars or in bigger wider containers, like fruit/salad bowls (plastic or glass, either way is fine) and I cover them with a piece of fabric or dish dryer. I secure the fabric on the sides of the containers using a thread around it or an elastic band. I let mine age for 2 or more (sometimes several) months. The first 2-3 weeks the urine becomes very pungent in smell, but only if I’ve been eating cooked foods, because when I am eating all raw, plain fruits, then my urine smells like the most amazing perfume!! If there is bad smell, then I pour a couple drops of essential oils on top of the fabric each day or as necessary. After about a month, the urine starts loosing all its smell and turns into a very neutral scent…. like earth. It’s wonderful to use that urine! It also turns very dark, because it oxidises and this makes it more potent.

If you want to start ageing your urine now, beware that it will probably smell very bad for the first 2 weeks, but you can tame the smell with essential oils as I’ve mentioned and there’s another thing that works wonderfully: place a bucket or wide open container (near the urine or simply in the same room) with hot water in it and drizzle a bit of bleach on top. Works like a charm to get rid of the bad smell in the whole area/room for a few days! 😉

I also let my urine take some sun. It’s called „solarising“ and it’s done by placing the open urine container under direct sunlight, at noon or during the strong hours of sunshine. An hour or two a day is enough. Up to ten days is good, enough to completely charge the urine with extra cosmic energy…. from this cosmic body in the sky. But remember that YOU are a sun in itself. Your soul emits energy, all the energy you need and all the energy you see in the universe. So, your urine is already packed with that energy of your own soul. All these extra things/procedures are only a cherry on top. You can do just fine without them as well, but it’s nevertheless another thing you can do. 😉

I never boil my urine. I don’t think that is a good idea. I know some recommend that and also there are some good testimonies people share with boiled down urine, but I prefer to let my urine reduce it’s water content and get more concentrated in a natural way…. it takes longer, but I don’t harm the nutrients, elements, stem cells in it with extreme temperatures. I don’t think that’s necessary and I wouldn’t like that to be done to my living cells, so why would I do it to the living cells in my urine? That’s the way I see it.


* Put it directly on wounds, cuts, burns, infected or inflamed areas of your body for quick relief. You can do a band-aid or compress with it and keep it in the affected area for some hours and also overnight.

* Rub it on your skin as a lotion. It cleanses, rejuvenates, brings elasticity back to your cells and tones your muscles. It will detox your body, so don’t panic if you see toxins coming out in the form of sweat, pimples or skin rashes, fever, even temporary inflammation of your glands… this is only because toxins are being removed from your body and as soon they are out of your system, everything returns to normal. Keep applying aged urine to make this process go quicker.

* Use it as soap to cleanse your body & hair before taking a shower. Use it instead of toothpaste and also as a mouthwash. It makes your skin glow, your hair grow and your teeth shine bright and turn white.

* Enemas: aged urine enemas are the safest and most powerful way to cleanse your intestines and kill parasites & bad bacteria. Start with only a little (because it’s very potent) diluted in fresh urine or water (best if you use pure water, like distilled water/ purified water).

* Nasal flushes: you can use a “neti pot” to flush your nasal cavities or sinuses. The sinus conducts are the secondary set of intestines in the body and they are in charge of keeping the brain clean. If you have any sinus problems, headaches and congestion, you need to try urine nasal flushes!!

* Eye drops: put some drops of aged urine directly in your eyes. It may burn, but it’s not harming the eye. It’s only hurting because of it’s salt content. If your urine is not salty (happens when you have not eaten salt), it will not burn your eyes. But salty urine doesn’t represent any risk or cause any harm. You can use it and it will heal your eyes. It will bring out any toxicity present in the eyes. You may experience redness for a short time, but this is a good sign of circulation being active and your body doing the necessary cleansing and repair job. Start with only a few drops every day and gradually increase to see better results.

* Ear drops: for any ear problems, put a few drops of aged urine inside them and let the urine flow through your ear canal, laying your head down on one side.

* Drops under the tongue: a wonderful natural antibiotic and remedy for anything! The more you consume it, the better it’s effects. But you can also start with just a few drops and gradually increase up to taking little sips of it every day, as a tonic for great health. It’s the best to kill parasites in the gut and free yourself from food addictions and any other addiction.
One can even experiment with urine injections. I’ve personally had fantastic results in very short time. But the detox reaction can be very intense and it’s important to be ready to face it and not panic or interfere with any drugs/painkillers/unnatural medicine. Aged urine injections are very powerful in activating the immune system and fighting any disease. In case of emergencies, when there is little to no time to loose, a urine injection with AGED URINE (it has to be several months old or older to have the desired strongest effect) can save a person’s life.


One thing most people probably notice is that as urine ages, there is usually a buildup of sediments at the bottom, that forms. Also some crystals may appear. There are many different theories (basically personal speculations) as to what this can be. I don’t know of any person who has actually looked at this particular formations under a microscope or has performed a laboratory analysis him/herself. My own personal take (based on what I’ve observed, but not under a microscope) is that the white powdery formation that precipitates at the bottom of the container are dead white cells and also toxins encapsulated within these white cells, because I only see this formation in my urine when I have gone out of my raw-vegan diet and have eaten something cooked. I deduct from that, that the sediments in my urine are a result of a cooked food diet, because cooked foods cause inflammation and also they can be a result from a non natural diet (non plant based), because in my experience whatever grows in plants and trees, the way mother nature produces it, can be identified by my body and doesn’t trigger a reaction of fight or defence against them, like inflammation. In the case of crystals, my take is that they are calcification, which is also a result of eating food that doesn’t come from the plant world. In this case I think it’s due to salt and other products from the mineral or inanimate world, like dirt in our water, chemicals, dead substances, which can also be found in industrial foods, highly processed foods, because I think this takes the living qualities or life flowing force away from the elements, making the molecules move very slow, so that the matter formed is turned into hard objects, like stones or crystals, calcified objects… “dead” and therefor they cannot be properly integrated into the living cells of our human organism.

I don’t mean to say that these kind of formations in the urine are “bad”. I think they can also be powerful healing medicine, because they can act as a form of natural “vaccine” and have a homeopathic effect when re-ingested or re-introduced back into the body via the digestive tract or the skin… through drinking it or making enemas with it, taking injections, etc. Aged urine that contains sediments and/or crystals is perfectly fine and suitable to use in every way, in my experience. These “dead particles” can stimulate the immune system and trigger a perfect immune response to empower and support even more the cleansing and healing of the body.

I personally prefer to use only the transparent part of the urine, because I like its *clean* look and how it allows the light to flow through it, but I’ve also used many times the sediment at the bottom, because it gets often mix with the rest of the urine and have always had only positive results with it. I’ve never experienced any negative effects of using or consuming aged urine, regardless of how it looks and what it may or may not contain in it. In all these 20 years of practice, I’ve never had myself or seen in any other person a harmful reaction or damaging effect with the urine therapy in all its forms of practice, including the use of aged urine.

Maybe this makes sense to some of you. I cannot know for sure if my take on the sediment and crystal formations in urine is the actual truth, because I have not observed any of these phenomenons under a microscope or performed a proper “laboratory” analysis, but what I’ve observed is that when my body is clean and I am eating a 100% natural/clean diet (mostly just pure & raw fruits and very little quantity… one small meal a day) I don’t see ANY residues or formations in my aged urine containers, even several months after, other than a very clear liquid. The only change I see is in the colour of my urine, because it oxidises in contact with the oxygen in the air, which is a great thing as I explained above, but my urine keeps being totally transparent in this dark colour… it even looks to me like a big dark liquid crystal, that has LIGHT of its own. I’m sometimes marvelled at how much ✨LIGHT✨ I see in this urine! It’s like MAGIC! I have the impression that it’s alive and conscious… and shines its light onto me, like the purest of all diamonds! When I look at it, I get this inner pull to drink it! It’s really funny and interesting…
But my body has to be really clean for my urine to not present any sediments. It has to be clean and already detoxed from all the possible accumulated toxins from my past, which is possible to reach through a long urine fast and I also have to pay attention to not pollute my body with anything new, which for me means keeping a strict fruitarian diet. I’ve seen that it’s even enough for me to drink one glass of pasteurised fruit juice to reverse this picture and see sediments appearing in my urine. But this is also wonderful as a way to learn more about my urine, my body and myself. Every experience, “good” or “bad” teaches me something valuable! 🙏🏻

And I am open to learn more… 🌞

QUESTION: And the aged stuff really has an odour, doesn’t it?”

ANSWER: It only smells bad, when the body & the diet are not properly clean/natural. 🙂

Mine took a long time to get to a beautiful clean state and it happened after several short and long urine fasts + months avoiding cooked foods… eating mostly fruits, everything 100% raw/natural (foods from mother nature & in their natural state). Now my urine doesn’t smell bad at all and it also doesn’t acquire any bad or foul smell or taste afterwards, when it’s “ageing”. I only need to make sure I’m eating 100% fruitarian or raw-vegan.

It’s whenever I make an exception in my diet, that I observe my urine changing it’s smell and flavour… cooked food, even a little amount of it, immediately pollute my body and my urine reflects that, because it’s the water running through my body and it shows whether my body is clean or not. After eating anything cooked (altered from it’s natural state) or foods that don’t come from mother nature (from the plant kingdom), my urine changes it’s smell and taste and becomes “filthy”. That’s because my body has become filthy. But I know the best method to clean my body and make it return to it’s natural state. It’s precisely drinking that “filthy” urine. Filtering my own water again and again through my own perfect filtration system: my body with all it’s organs.

My aged urine collected from the time my body and my diet were perfectly clean/natural/ on a 100% raw fruitarian diet (no exceptions made) has the most wonderful smell… really an amazing fragrance! It reminds me of the smell of new born babies… 💝

German Translation: Anwendung von gereiftem Urin


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